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Asus Transformer Prime Email Widget Not Working

Android :: Roid wear not working on LG G4 Samsung Galaxy Note :: How do I stop my Note 5 from inserting email addresses from my contacts when sending text messages? I then open the email and download the file to my device. Aug 15, 2012 #161 [email protected] i have the same problem, + the change account button on the top left dosen't work, it just selects the whole widget for resizing etc. Apr 5, 2012 #100 [email protected] I am experiencing this issue in Android 4.0.3 on the Asus Transformer Prime with the Email widget linked to an Exchange account. have a peek here

Had to erase some info but if you look at the email from Todd there are several new messages that have not been updated in widget. I have all set up to sync and set Google Contacts as the default. Why Would the President-elect have a Transition Visit before December 19? I'm guessing that the widget is linked to the "Email" app but not "Gmail". http://www.transformerforums.com/forum/asus-transformer-tf101-help/22619-problem-email-widget.html

Mar 27, 2012 #82 [email protected] Thanks. Sep 14, 2012 #175 [email protected] Have now updated my 3 devices to Jelly Bean in one way or another, and the only one that it's working on is my old When you open the notification bar you press WIFI and it's gets stuck. Mar 6, 2012 #72 [email protected] I have the same refresh problem in a GNex running ICS 4.0.2 wich is the newest version I can get here in Chile.

Mar 5, 2012 #71 [email protected] wich next version? I hoped I can provide more information for you to diagnose... Similar problem encountered where notification is received for new email but not reflected in widget. Feb 8, 2013 #183 [email protected] I have the same problem with SGS2 and 4.0.3 Feb 21, 2013 #184 [email protected] Same problem in a sgs2 4.1.2 Mar 5, 2013 #185

It's random! Reply With Quote Remove Ads « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Sponsored Links Posting Permissions You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may Dec 19, 2013 #193 [email protected] Hi Goog, Let me start by saying "I love you in a platonic way." But how long is this going to be an issue for??? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1581503 I have found that if i hit an email in the widget then hit the back button until i get back to the home screen the widget will refresh!

Generally, the file will be accessible through the File Manager under Documents. Nov 10, 2015 Whenever I'm typing using the android keypad, (emails, texts, in apps), autocomplete suggests old emails, sometimes emails I haven't seen in many years. Mar 26, 2014 #201 [email protected]> I fixed it by simply Disable BadgeProvider, Force it to stop, restart then enable it and restart again. Galaxy S2 / Cyanogen 9 Jun 29, 2012 #149 [email protected] I have the same problem.

IMAP? http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/34939/asus-transformer-4-1-1-email-widget-shows-waiting-for-sync-forever View 1 Reply View Related Samsung Galaxy Note :: How do I stop my Note 5 from inserting email addresses from my contacts when sending text messages? The time it took for me to check my emails and respond to this thread i took around 15 mins... Consider:On the left is e-mail from my iPhone.

You have to open an email and then go back only than you see all your email. navigate here Why don't they all have these choices?There are yet more maddening problems. I've been using my Android wear (LG urbane 1st Edition) with my LG G4 for a few months now. It's not.

Share Share this post on Digg Twitter Share on Facebook Reddit! Feb 1, 2012 #54 [email protected] Same problem gnex 4.0.2 in the uk Feb 12, 2012 #55 [email protected] Same problem Nexus S 4.0.3 in Israel Feb 14, 2012 #57 [email protected]http://sohohosting.net/asus-transformer/asus-transformer-prime-audio-not-working.html Apr 4, 2012 #93 [email protected] Fixing the Email app "with deadlines" is currently hopeless; the application is tied to the OS, so updates can only come when the OS is

Google, how is this even possible? This in frustrating since mail is essential for me! Great phone (GNexus) in all other respects.

The only solution, besides deleting the widget and create again, is to scroll older mails down and it will de-frezze the widget.

Jun 6, 2012 #140 [email protected] still does it on my galaxy nexus and asus eeepad. Sep 13, 2012 #173 [email protected] I am not facing the issue since the Jelly Bean update. Now all problems are back since the KitKat-update with the revamped stock e-mail app. Create new task with the following actions.

Maybe someone will be able to source it for you! I have a galaxy nexus (the unlocked version from google play) running ics 4.0.4 Jun 11, 2012 #143 [email protected] same here, SGS 2 with ICS 4.0.3 in israel Jun 15, I've been really struggling with this one and any suggestions gratefully appreciated (and the simpler the better! ) View 1 Reply View Related Samsung Galaxy Note 4 :: How do I http://sohohosting.net/asus-transformer/asus-transformer-prime-charger-not-working.html Now the widget always reports zero mails, and I don't seem to have the "Email" app anymore.

Swipe over to widget and the new emails are not visible (scrolling up does not show new email). Apr 5, 2012 #102 [email protected] Well, there's a fix in 4.0.4, so your problem might go away at that point. Didn't have a password protection set up on phone either. Oct 2, 2012 #176 [email protected] WORKAROUND: 1.