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Asus Transformer Tf101 Gps Not Working

You can also customize the types of stories it sends you. I was so close to pulling the trigger on a Prime too, but my GNex will do fine until a Samsung Tegra3 tablet arrives. The GPS has never performed well, if at all. The fact that the Primes GPS performance may render it next to useless for any form of navigation in rural areas is a definite negative. have a peek here

If it was, Asus would have said, "GPS included (may not work well in our aluminum body)" Come on, slick, use your brain instead of your dick to think. No. Nice numbers you're pulling out of your ass, there. The absence of a statement for a situation outside of the norm does not excuse them. http://www.transformerforums.com/forum/asus-transformer-tf101-general-discussions/12238-gps-problem-tf101-not-prime.html

That's functioning as intended. Why can't we find real tests of gps performance for most devices? Tyler C This is making me very tempted to cancel my Amazon orders of the 32GB and its accompanying keyboard dock. Jon Garrett me too, and its rumored to have an 11"+ screen and only be just slightly larger than the 10.1 !!

If David or others work for Asus or want to promote endless arguments for why a faulty product is OK, then let their words demonstrate their ignorance and ignore them. Just because someone paid $500 for a tablet doesn't mean that they're rich. To excuse it by saying "I don't recall ASUS ever saying that the Transformer Prime's GPS was intended to work effectively without a Wi-Fi signal." is not a reasonable answer however. I tether the Transformer to my Nexus One for internet so at first I thought using the "Use wireless networks" for location was just trying to get the location from the

Jimboo Guys - please excuse the ignorance in asking but if the aluminium casing was deemed to be the issue here, would it be possible for Asus to maybe manufacture and This departure from the original plastic Eee Pad Transformer was welcome, but brought with it the same sort of antenna challenges that Apple has had to face. Don't get me wrong I'll be keeping a close watch on this GPS issue over the next few days but I'd rather scoop my eyes out withy a hot spoon than http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1521304 Don_Cheadle This article is actually completely off.

If it is a manufacturing defect and does not affect all units equally, this would reflect poorly on ASUS's quality control and testing procedures - making it very much a valid Prime - Which to get?? This is a firmware issue. ASUS is the number one manufacturer of motherboards in the world, commanding almost a 40% market share of the motherboard business.

Note that the screenshots above are among the worst results for the OG Transformer in this first test. If they claim it has a GPS chip, then we expect it work without any further claim like "yep, it works great for offline navigation because of its built-in GPS". Crashed over and over and sometimes it took me over an hour to get it to work again. I'll use my 7 inch tab for GPS, or my phone.

Similarly, the time of the day where you are using your GPS also matters as it will determine how many satellites are above you (the more satellites, the more accurate the navigate here This feature is not available right now. The TF Prime lacks any sort of plastic for the signal to make its way through the aluminum shell, and disassembly of a TF Prime by one XDA user showed no you should have got a DSLR...

The only thing that ASUS didn't do was offer a return/exchange program for those users who felt they were misled by ASUS' initially advertised specs. Nope, you're all wet, slick. I installed GPS Test and it showed 0 satellites. Check This Out Short term $ for ASUS is long term ignorance.

Reply umbrel - Wednesday, January 04, 2012 - link LOL. The problems encountered by owners of the Transformer TF101 tablet since they upgraded to ICS have included random reboots, and device lock ups, plus a number of other bugs, Asus has Loading...

So I backed up a few files, and copied over the files for this fix.

Where is the proof that you speak for the market? You should not be restoring every apps you had from honeycomb, especially if you are having problems. If you have a 3g or 4g phone(which most people do) all you have to do is usb tether or use the bluetoothe feature on your phone and tablet. Reply With Quote 01-03-2012,10:44 AM #2 Detection Supporting Member Member # 8638 Join Date Aug 2011 Location United Kingdom Tablet TF101 Posts 2,958 Liked 362 times The issue with the Prime

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ASUS That means if you're actually unable to live with your Prime without true GPS, there's not a lot to do but sell it - because ASUS isn't going to (and Ed They said it had a GPS. ASUS owned up to the problem and admitted the design impedes GPS performance. Spydie david, you are so full of crap.

ANDROID: Doogee DG310; SGS; Huawei Y300; Motoroloa Xoom 2ME; Razr; Defy Mini; CnM Touchpad II; Asus TF101; Lenovo A1; Samsung Tab 2 7.0 APPLE: iPhone 4s; iPhone 5c; iPhone 6; iPad GPS satellites broadcast accurate time and orbital positioning information for themselves and other satellites in the system. This was definitely a hardware flaw just as in the case here, and the company tried (and failed) to brush the issue under the rug. Tosearch4u THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

Not the same thing. In the meantime, decide how you feel about the server situation, then give it a try if you're OK with it. For content consumption / tablet use-cases in mobile devices, USB-C ports are sufficient. If someone has an issue, return it.

Any ideas? Being thinner than the iPad 2, the TF Prime presumably doesn't have the thickness to accommodate a WiFi antenna mounted in the middle of the chassis behind an RF window. Mistakes are easily made and aren't easily rectified. Loading...

The posting delay is really handy!) 3. Just because you don't think that GPS is part of the core functionality, there are obviously a lot of people that do. It's about the incompatibility of the app itself with ICS, which could be causing problems like rebooting, glitching sleep mode, preventing other apps from accessing GPS, and etc. Look it up. 3.