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Essential Internet Marketing Tools are those tangibles which are absolutely necessary in today's web environment for making money... Every marketer, every business, every for profit site on the internet must have certain marketing tools in order to be successful. Everything you find mentioned here is recommended by us as absolutely top notch, effective, and necessary for surviving the ever-changing world wide web!

The products described here are not only recommended by us, but have been tested by us and are being used by us! They represent the best of their internet genre!

In any endeavor, there are certain things one must know and certain products one must use. We'll begin with the ones that fall into the second category...

Priority SubmissionsPriority Submissions
48 Hour Inclusion to all major search engines and web directories with PrioritySubmit.com!

The easiest and surest way to attract high quality visitors to your site is by having many links spread around the web. You can do this manually, you can pay someone to do it for you, or you can purchase the appropriate software and automate the process yourself. In our humble opinion, the most cost effective and lasting approach is to purchase the software and get the job done yourself.

The best two products we have found are ARELIS by Axandra Software, and Zeus from Cyber-Robotics. Either will create, maintain, and manage a directory of reciprocal links, and automate most of the process for you. Both have more Five Star Awards than we can count. Check them out for yourself. Make your choice. Make your purchase. Spend a few minutes every day adding links to and from your site. Remember, the web is all about links. You won't find a better way to take advantage of that simple concept!

ARELIS by Axandra Software

Zeus  by Cyber-robotics.com ...

While reciprocal links are an excellent way to manage traffic over the long haul, search engines are still incredibly important! Each engine has its very own peculiarities. Each engine may change its search algorithms many time during the year. It is up to you to keep your site optimized and friendly to the search engine crawlers or spiders. Since submitting and optimizing your site's pages are crucial, you'll need assistance understanding how each engine and directory function. You can pay someone to take care of this chore for you, or you can learn to manage it yourself. We recommend the former for novices, the latter for established sites.

Internet Business Promoter, Web CEO and Web Position perform this task better than any other products we've seen or tried! The learning curve can be a bit steep at first, but ultimately you'll understand e-commerce so much better when you can work with the search engines and play by their rules! Everyone benefits - the web surfer, the webmaster, the information seeker, and the search engine company - when accurate results are obtained...

Web Position has a rich tradition of achieving high search engine rankings. IBP has proven more than a worthy competitor. Web CEO is a bit newer but is very user-friendly. We use all three applications and recommend them all. IBP seems a bit more intuitive and user-friendly, but that may be a very subjective measurement. All in all, IBP's user interface and directions for building and optimizing pages are a little easier to understand... Closely following IBP is Web CEO. Either way, you won't go wrong! Market Position is a great tool also, but not quite as user-friendly for search engine optimization novices as the other two...

All of them will assist you with making your site search engine friendly, submitting your pages to search engines, uploading your pages, editing your pages, finding suitable key word phrases, and checking rankings and link popularity! It is very hard to imagine making money on the web without one of these products!

Internet Business Promoter by Axandra Software

Web CEO by Radiocom Ltd.

Web Position by NetIQ Corporation

Until you're familiar with handling this indispensable task yourself, we'll be more than pleased to do it for you! Click here ...

One of the newest strategies for internet marketing revolves around blogging - writing a web log of interest to your clients and prospective customers. For many people, the thought of writing new pieces for a blog every day is nothing short of paralyzing!

Enter RSS-to-Blog! RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Imagine a software application that can automatically find pertinent items for your blog every day AND post them to your blog for you! Search engines love fresh content, and this program will satisfy their voracious appetites over and over.

If you want to see your search engine rankings take a jump, provide fresh, on topic content for your web site's visitors, and build a rich depository of information, you must a take a look at this program. This is the quickest way we know to popularize a web site, and increase traffic.

RSS-to-Blog by Michelle Timothy

Classified ads have become a much better online advertising venue online than they were in the past. For effective coverage and maximum spread, it pays to automate. The best tool available at this time is The Classified Connection. This software is very easy to use, updated frequently, and runs on autopilot while its owner works on other tasks!

The Classified Connection by Creative Software Systems

While we're on the subject of advertising, it is very important to use proper spelling and grammar in your ads. It's troubling to see so many ads around the web which use substandard English. That almost guarantees you that a certain percentage of potential customers will keep on looking! If you don't take the time to do it right with your own product, who's going to believe you won't be just as careless with your customers' money? Try our very inexpensive copy writing and proofreading services to protect your business image! Don't take chances with something this vital!

Google's AdWords program is so popular and successful, the competition is incredibly fierce. It has become difficult to find affordable keywords, and it has become even more difficult to write ads that return a positive ROI (return on investment).

The new and highly recommended compendium, Successful Advertising with Google AdWords, shows you how to get new and targeted visitors while simultaneously lowering your total advertising costs. This 150-page eBook tells you how to find affordable keywords, how to write successful ads, and how to dramatically and quickly increase the effectiveness of your AdWords ads. Click through rates of up to 6% are not unusual after reading the compendium.

If you have any or all of the following problems...

You need more web site visitors and more sales.

Your web site is not listed on Google's first result page.

You want to lower your advertising costs.

The per click prices are too high for your Google AdWords ads.

Many web sites compete with your site.

Your current Google AdWords campaigns have not been successful.

... then you can solve them all at once with profitable AdWords ads!

Well, now you've had a look at the absolutely essential tools and services that any web master must use. Now let's have a glimpse of what he or she must know. No matter how experienced you are, it's still wise to find out what other experienced, successful entrepreneurs know. It's not always cheap, but it is always valuable!

There are, of course, dozens if not hundreds of books, manuals, and ebooks available to help you with your task. We recommend the following one from the Internet Marketing Center...

Take advantage of this complete internet marketing course from the late Corey Rudl's web classic, now updated annually by Derek Gehl. Learn from master web masters! Check out The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet and propel your web business to the top of the charts!

'The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet from The Internet Marketing Center

We've explored the essentials to know, and the essentials to use. There is still one more element that is critical for some people - especially in an environment where there is so little personal contact. Yes, interaction with others, a sense of belonging... In this case, we're thinking about an internet peer group of marketers... There are quite a few of these in existence now. There is one, however, which stands out because it lets you learn the ropes directly and comfortably from other individuals who have made it on the net!

The group being discussed here is called simply Secrets to Their Success. In this exclusive Private Web Site, members are given access to an archive of interviews with "Mom & Pop" type web site owners who are earning $100,000+ a year with their Internet businesses. Each month, members receive an e-mail letting them know about two 100% brand new success stories that have been posted to the site.

Members walk away from each interview with an in-depth understanding of the secrets that have made each web site successful... and with a clear picture of how they can apply these same strategies and internet marketing tools to build their own fortune. This definitely bears investigation.

SecretsToTheirSuccess.com from The Internet Marketing Center

Finally, be mindful of the fact that becoming successful as an internet marketer will cost money. There is a lot of free stuff available, and much of it is good. But to reach the top, you'll need to part with some cash! Don't do it all at once. Learn to learn about each new concept in an order that makes sense for you and your business!

KeywordDiscovery.com Keyword Research Tool