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All of our accounts include these additional web management and site design tools. All are available directly from your Control Panel for your convenience. Each includes directions for installing and integrating it into your web site. It really is as easy as 1-2-3! In fact, all our original tools are that easy too...

Make Your Affordable Web Site Truly Interactive!

ht://Dig - The ht://Dig system is a complete World Wide Web indexing and searching system for a particular domain or intranet. It handles search needs within a particular website. Hundreds of websites use ht://Dig to handle their search needs, including:

NASA - Kennedy Space Center
Oxford University
Caldera Linux

Invision power web site bulletin board for forums, etc.       Invision Power Board
This tool will allow you to create, manage, and moderate forums, message boards, and user groups. Use it to provide news and discussions for your customers, employees, colleagues, et al. Point and click usage.

Network Query Manager
This tool is your one-stop solution for getting information about a domain or IP address.Network query manager power tools Instead of manually using different UNIX commands or visiting numerous websites to "investigate" a host, now you can just use the Network Query Tool and enter the hostname or IP. This tool will perform the following tasks:

Reverse lookup - converts an IP to a hostname (if one exists) or vice versa
DNS query - aka DiG, requires that the `dig` command work on your system
Whois (WWW) - gets domain registration information. Currently supports .com, .net, .org, .edu, .name, .info, .us, .cc, .ws, and .biz.
Whois (IP) - gets IP owner information. Supports all IP blocks maintained by ARIN (US), RIPE (Europe), JPNIC (Japan), APNIC (China/Asia-Pacific), and REG-BR (Brazil).
Check port - See if a port on the target host is open.
Ping - does a 5-packet ping to the specified target.
Traceroute - completes a traceroute to the target...

Web Calendar Manager
This tool will allow you to install and customize a web-based multi-user calendar for your groups. Instructions and complete user guides are available through the Control Panel. Some of the features of this new calendar are:

Multi-user support
Multiple languages: Chinese-Big5, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English-US, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese_BR, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
View day-at-glance
View month-at-glance
View week-at-glance
View year-at-glance
View another user's calendar
View one or more users' calendar via layers on top of your own calendar
Add/Edit/Delete users
Add/Edit/Delete events
Repeating events
Custom event fields
User-configurable preferences for colors, 12/24 time format, Sun/Mon week start
Online help
Checks for scheduling conflicts
Email reminders
Email notifications for new events
Export for use with Palm Pilot via pilot-link

Poll Manager
This tool allows you put a poll on your website and display the results. Step-by-step Poll your employees, customers, and colleagues...instructions on how to create a poll via HTML are provided in the Control Panel.

Web Counter Manager
This is a new counter tool that will display the number of visitors who view your website. This is done by including the HTML that is provided to you in the Control Panel.

GuestBook Software
A guest book is a web page that allows visitors to post comments about your site to you Visitors' guestbook for comments...and to other visitors. This is an excellent tool to collect testimonials and customer feedback regarding your web site, your services, and your products!.

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