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Try out some bold new marketing strategies... You can always find a trick or two to generate some new sales!

* Try putting a "P.S." at the end of your ad copy. This is the place to repeat a strong benefit or use a strong close such as a free bonus. For example, "P.S. You can get the latest widget, worth over $20.00, for the low price of $14.95!" Another example, "P.S. Don't wait! I cannot guarantee the three bonuses will be here tomorrow!"

* Consider ending your ad copy with a moderately discounted special price. Just list your regular price, and then offer a discounted price off the order 'right now.' You might also offer an instant rebate. For example, you could say, "Instead of paying $99.95, why not order now and receive a rebate of $20.00 instantly? You pay only $79.95!"

* Think about ending your ad copy with a free sample of your product. If your ad didn't convince your prospect to buy, perhaps a free sample or trial would do the trick. If you were selling an ebook, you could give them a free sample at the end of your ad copy. For example, you might say, "If you're still not sure about ordering at this time, why not download a FREE sample chapter and evaluate it at your leisure?

* Always offer a few back-end products that are not related to your main product, but are nonetheless needed by all humans. Every customer that buys from you is a homo sapiens. Think about it - everyone eats, right? For example, you could say, "Free Bonus - A Free $20 Dollar Coupon To Your Favorite Restaurant!"

* Strive to do as many of your business' chores as you can personally handle; out source what you can't. You're the only one who can determine how your business operates. You don't want too many people making all your decisions, but you don't want to take on so much responsibility that you become a workaholic either.

* Experiment with novel business opportunities. You could combine them with your current business. This action could add an extra profit stream to your web site. You could join affiliate programs, MLMs, drop ship selling programs, etc. Another idea would be to joint venture with other online businesses.

* Create an alliance with two or three other web sites. Include each of your ads or banners on the other web sites. You will all share targeted traffic with one other. For example, you would instantly have several web sites selling your products or services without paying them an affiliate income. You would just be giving some free ad space on your web site.

* Create a free ezine directory. That will net you a lot of traffic from ezine publishers and people who want to subscribe to the ezines. Your listings could include name, subscription instructions, publisher's name, etc. Of course, you would put your own ezine listing at the top of your directory additional exposure.

* Any time you offer a freebie from your own site, be sure to submit it to freebie sites. They provide target categories which mean targeted traffic. So if you're submitting software, you could submit it to the "free software" section. Just remember, some freebie sites want you to link to their web site before they will list your freebie submission.

* Arouse your visitors' curiosity about your product by telling them they need to sign up to get into a password protected site to read the rest of the ad. This will give your product extra perceived value because it is so well guarded - just like a precious gem stored in a bank vault.

* Remember that the little things about your web pages really count. Include the title of your site at the top right corner, a description about your site, etc. For example, if I visited your web site and didn't know or understand what it was all about, I would probably leave right away. Make your point quickly!

* Inaugurate your own Internet radio station. Relate it to the theme of your web site, and advertise your products over the station. You could also charge other businesses for advertising on your station. You could start a music station or something like a talk radio station.

* Turn your banner ad into a trivia question. Post the question on the banner, and tell your readers they can win a prize if they answer the question at your site. People love trivia because it makes them feel smart when they get the right answer. The prize is just an extra incentive for them to click on your banner.

* Motivate people to buy your product. Tell them positive things. For example, you could say, "You can now reach your goals and change your life if you buy our product." If you come across positive in your ad copy, they will become positive about reaching their goals using your product. Always relate the product to your visitors' problems that need solving.

* Get your sales letters and web site evaluated gratis. Visit business discussion boards and ask other participants to evaluate them. Don't get discouraged if someone gives you a lot of negative feedback about your web site. Most people are only trying to help you. Take the criticism constructively. Others will always see things that you do not. Capitalize on that simple fact!

* Get your products or services evaluated free of charge. You can give your product for free in exchange for evaluations and even testimonials. You will discover any potential problems or weaknesses with your product before you sell it. You might also find new uses or selling points for your product too.

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